Benefits of Skateboarding you didn’t know about (Social, Psychological, and Health).

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Are you a passionate skateboarder wanting to know the benefits of just playing a game? Or are you someone thinking of starting skateboarding and want to know its benefits? If yes, you are at the right place.

Skateboarding develops several good habits in one. It teaches you tolerance by making get up every time you fall. It makes you get your body parts in cooperation by improving your focused. There are more social, psychological, and health advantages of skateboarding. Let’s find them out!

1- Physical Endurance:

Unlike other sports, you can skateboard all day long. For example, you cannot play football or cricket all day, all night. Though skateboarding breaks us down, smacks our muscles, and gets us in pain yet, we never stop. Call it passion. Call it dedication. Skateboarding is a sport that introduces you to the real meaning of practice and progress. Also, it is fun.

2- Fitness:

Have you ever wondered why all skateboarders are well-shaped and slim? Simply because skateboarding burns calories and enables one lose weight. It requires one to flip, push, jump, rotate, and do every trick with maximum energy.

You cannot calculate how much you can lose through skateboarding as it depends on the terrain and tricks you do. An average estimate is that you can burn 100-500 calories per 1 hour of skateboarding.

3- Relieve stress:

Stress is an inevitable part of human life. Be it work, home, relationships, career, everyone is stressed about something. Skateboarding comes to the rescue in such hard times. Yes, skateboarding is an approved way to relieve your mind from stress and shift your mood to happiness.

4- Improve the Coordination of Body Parts:

Technological developments and social media have made human beings distracted and unfocused. Skateboarding has the potential to improve your focus and body parts’ coordination.

Your hands, eyes, feet, and mind must be in coordination, otherwise you might end up hurting yourself. Skateboard has a way of grabbing your attention ideally. When your body practices working in coordination, you will improve in your everyday tasks such as work.

5- Maintain an Excited Mind:

Skateboarding is an art that keeps on improving with practice and time. Consistency is vital to becoming an excellent skateboarder. The feeling of owning the feet and skateboard is enough for one to feel adventurous and thrilled.

Progress is an everyday thing when it comes to skateboarding. With every attempt, you become better than before. With every cruising session, you feel more confident with your skateboard. This sport gives you the confidence that you are facing your fears and overcoming challenges. In short, this game lets you know that you are conquering yourself right, and it leads to peace of mind and an exciting mindset.

6- Improve Pain Tolerance:

They say that tolerance is a skill that benefits you in every walk of life. If you own tolerance, nothing can ever stop you. Skateboarding is a game that you will fall quite often in the beginning.

From bruises to scratches to muscle pulls, every ache can happen to you. But the thing about skateboarding is once you are in it, you are ready to be injured. What you are not prepared for is to give up. The modest progress, willingness for adventure, and passion make one forget about pains.

You will heal all bruises and scratches, but you will never forget the feeling of accomplishing your first kickflip and first drop-in. Falling a lot, you develop a tolerance level towards mental exhaustion and physical pain. This way, you move to betterment.

7- Know how to fall Properly:

Falling a lot and getting bruises, you learn to avoid the severity of injuries. Through skateboarding, you know how to fall correctly. You develop this skill with time and practice. Once you are in pain, your brain will process how you got an injury and guide you to avoid that next time. Moreover, your mind is automatically trained to find solutions to whatever the problem is.

The Bottom Line:

Skateboarding is so much more than a game. It is a lifestyle. It is a choice, and acceptance, passion, a dedication. Most important of all, it is a great teacher. It teaches you how to keep your eyes, mind, and feet in cooperation. It forces you to face your fears, overcome challenges, and ultimately become a better version of yourself.

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