5 Effective Tips on How to get Better at Skateboarding.

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There is none of easy ways to turn out to be a master at once, though following the above mentioned five steps, a strong foundation for increasing your skating comparatively fast should be placed. Here is a guide on steps and tips you can embrace for becoming better at skateboarding.

The more time you spend on your skateboard, the better you become. Move out there, enjoy, have fun, meet alike minded individuals, try a new trick every day, and always challenge your contemporary skill.

  • Learn to Fall:

This one might sound cheeky but knowing how to fall in the right way is one of the best skills a skateboarder can have. When you are on a skateboard with four crazy wheels, in an adventurous mood, expecting stumbles, falls, and injuries is normal.

Knowing how to fall right will save you a lot of severity of injuries. You will be less likely to hurt yourself badly. This skill will enable you to get only the amount of hurt that cannot prevent you from getting up instantly.

Here is a guide on how you can avoid severity of an injury when a trick goes wrong:

  1. Do not land directly on your palms and hands. Otherwise, you will break your wrists.
  2. Go out of the trick the moment you feel it is not going as expected. Just back up.
  3. Roll yourself in a way that you land on your back and shoulders. It will protect your face.
  4. Lastly and most importantly, never do skateboarding without protective gear especially kneepads and elbow pads.
  5. You can follow anyone of the above-mentioned steps or more of them to avoid a serious injury.
  • Go to Skate Parks and Meet People:

Since skateboarding is all about creativity but what if one is having a creativity block. During such times or even generally, you need to have a community of skateboarders. This group culture will teach you new tricks, motivate you for skateboarding, and be an inspiration for your personality to grow.

Also, you will be able to make new friends with the same interest as yours. Going to skate parks and meeting people will source your fun, learning, socializing skill, and much more. You can even help other become better at skateboarding by sharing what you know.

You all can correct each other and have a sitting session where constructive feedback is takes for each member from all. For example, you are naïve of a 360 hard flip but your friend from community does it like a professional. You can show off your skills, teach them, and make others reciprocate.

Moreover, having a dedicated group of friends with a same interest can give you extra incentive to never miss a day of skateboarding. You will intent to visit skate parks more often and make use of more opportunities.

  • Train your Core:

Skateboarding is a sport that prove very hard on one’s physical strength. It tests one’s strength, robustness, and flexibility. If you are a beginner or a skateboarder out of shape, you must train your core, build muscles, and educate yourself endurance.

The only way to train your core is practice. Practice regularly. Also, do not restrict to skateboarding. Make it a habit to start your day with stretching, yoga, or any light exercise you can do right when you wake up. Start small, like ten deep breaths and slowly increase the exercise steps. Weightlifting, crunches, and cardio are helpful exercises for skateboarders.

By training your core, you can not only get better at skateboarding but also, get better at control and balance. Yes, it makes you a self-controlled person with no temperament issues. Your muscles will start feeling lighter, ultimately urging you do better at life and much more.

Having your core trained, you can become a fast learner of skateboarding. Since your control would be better so, you can perform faster and sooner. If you do not know where to begin training your core from, start very small. By small, we mean really small. Do it gradually. Remember, you try to do hundred cardio steps in the first day, it is a failure for you. Develop consistency, and never miss a day.

  • Learn Fakie and Switch:

Perhaps you have knowledge about riding properly and moving forward perfectly but you lack the skill to switch and fakie. It does not take a lot of time to build this skill but lowering the time demand can close off the whole catalogs of tricks and skills. If you are trying to improve the new ways and get better, you must challenge yourself about how to discover the technique of skateboarding backward or develop the talent to use numerous stances.

Simultaneously, it has been a great idea to escape Mungo pushing and as an alternative instill right pushing patterns. Even Though Mungo is uncomplicated, it is idle and affects you to ignore some important skateboarding basics. Learning switch, fakie and good form may possibly take more time, but they are important skills that will expand your overall performance and give you something exciting to flaunt in front of your friends. If the switch posture seems difficult, do not promise it. Put your focus on Fakie instead and preventing yourself from the Mungo.

  • Practice Every day:

In The End, practicing every single day make you better at skating. This indicates that seeking and practicing the same tricks time and again, acting on your style, and concentrating on fundamentals. Skateboarding drills are not thrilling, but they are taken as essential. While skating can be frustrating and take excess of time, there has been a key distinction between someone who has a great background of understanding and someone who ignores the basics.

If you struggle to go out every day, there is not anything wrong with performing in your garage and driveway. You could dedicate your skatepark time to attempting out new tricks, style, and flips.


Skating is one of the most time taking skills to be a master at. It has been important to think that one must enjoy the tour instead of concentrating on the goal. If one lets oneself cast down for not being capable to land a difficult trick and put a focus on becoming a good type, there is a huge possibility that one will exhaust out and go out of motivation.

Experts reveal that it requires 10,000 hours to become a master in any skill, along with that it proves true for skateboarding as well. Do not stress out, however, remember to entertain oneself. Human brain is wired in particular ways and by accomplishing certain duties (like skating), brain slowly tends to alter how those wires were connected without detecting. This is known as muscle memory, and it is vital for your continual progress.


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