11 Interesting Facts about Skateboarding

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Skateboarding is a widely loved and popular sport. It has millions of people chasing it as their ideal activity. However, it is also a very under-researched activity. Interestingly, it is the way it is for many reasons. The history, culture, and rules of skateboarding make this a complete sport.

Let’s find out the most exciting facts about skateboarding.

1)Skateboarding Started as “Sidewalk Surfing.”

Back in the times, skateboarding was not a thing, but people used to do it. They used to create skateboards and call them sidewalk surfers. The main idea behind surfers was to get the charm of surfing on land. Kids used to surf with skateboards in the downward direction on small hills.

2) Bearings define Speed

Many people believe that the wheel determines the quality of how fast you can go. But studies have demonstrated that it is indeed the bearings. Yes, bearings have a significant role in contributing to how fast you can go. Bearings set to higher leads to a skateboard faster than others.

3) Initially, people skateboarded barefooted 

When surfing on the land started, people used to go out of the way to get shoeless. Their purpose was to create something that can give them charms of surfing even on land, without water. It meant that people used to grab their board, take their shoes off, and get a surfing ride.

4) Skateboards used to simple wood planks

Not only the activity of skateboarding was different but also, the skateboard was unique. The board was simply a plank of wood with four wheels attached to its corners. With time and advance developments, designers understood the logic behind Speed, balance, and durability. This new knowledge contributed to creating aerodynamic products. But the era of plank wood boards was quite long.

5) Goofy Stance Named After Disney Character

Skateboarding is attached to the term “goofy” a lot. There is a logic behind this fact. There was a show with a character Goofy who used to skateboard the same way people today ride with their right foot forward.

6) Many Skateboarders Are Ambidextrous

Among all the skills skateboarding develop in a human being, ambidextrousness is one of them. Yes, skateboarders can use both feet with equal success and control. This skill can be achieved with nothing but consistent practice. With time and practice, skateboarders can do all tricks with either foot without distinguishing between both feet.

7) Skateboarding world record

Tricks are what makes skateboarding, skateboarding. This trend cannot be seen going away anytime soon. A man named Jordan Hoffart made a world record in skateboarding. For his history, he was able to hit a 16-feet and 6-inch ollie.

8) First Skateboarding Shoe Was Created in 1965

Today, there are uncountable companies designing quality skate shoes. The first pair of shoes capable of being ride in on a skateboard was created in 1965 by Randy 720. Those shoes became popular instantly for their unique style and flat outsole.

9) 176 Skateboarding Injuries Per Day in America

Getting hurt is a part of any activity or sport. But this feature is specially assigned to skateboarding for the nature of adventures skating offers. Falling off a rail, failing a trick, or tripping over a bump, many little actions can cause you injuries while skateboarding. According to research, over 176 injuries happen every day in America due to skateboarding. This is also a reminder for you to wear your safety gear before skating.

10) Skateboards Were Used in Wars

Today, people become friends due to their shared interest in skateboarding. But in the late 90s, the US military used a skateboard in wars. However, this lovely thing did not prove suitable for wars, and soon their use in wars went away.

12) $5 Billion Industry

To skateboarders, it is just a matter of fun and skill development. But to businesses, it is a giant source of income. Yes, the business of skateboarding earns $5 billion (USD) every year.


These facts demonstrate how skateboarding evolved as something it is today. This is history and a way to learn skating and deal with it according to its nature.

With each passing day, its popularity is increasing. Be it boys, girls, or everyone; people are getting into skateboarding. For earning or for a hobby, skating helps people get an escape from the realities of life.


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